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IRS - Integrated Rental Services

Integrated Rental Services provides medical equipment rentals to hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, doctor’s offices, and other medical facilities that require the rental of a particular piece of equipment.

Our Services

  • 24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week
  • Quality Patient-Ready Equipment
  • Equipment Service
  • Long or Short-Term Rental of Medical and Hospital Equipment
  • Nationwide Delivery with Contract

Medical equipment is rented for a variety of reasons. The most common is to meet unusually high demand, as in influenza season. Some facilities may require equipment while waiting for purchases to arrive or while items are being serviced. Others may prefer to “test drive” equipment prior to making an investment. Equipment is often rented when an office is relocating or if funds are unavailable at the time the equipment is needed.

IRS is able, in many cases, to provide equipment within 24 hours. We will deliver anywhere in the United States when a contract is in place. Equipment from Integrated Rental Services meets or exceeds JCAHO requirements.


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Your Acquisition Options


Reduce risk. Flexibility is maintained without capital outlay. This is the best choice to meet peak demand needs. Service and repair are included with this option.

Rental Equity

Rental equity is a smart choice when your dollars are committed to other projects. Apply your equity toward the purchase of needed capital.

Direct Purchase

Can be your best option when your plans and budget are approved and you can, with reasonable certainty, predict the future.



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