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Rental - Aequitron 9550

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The Aequitron 9550 and 9500 Apnea Monitors, manufactured by Nellcor Puritan-Bennett (Mallinckrodt), are similar to the Healthdyne 970S in function, but have fewer features and do not have the sophisticated event memory of the Healthdynes. The monitors attach to the patient¢‚¬„¢s body via a pair of electronic leads, isolated from the monitor by a patient cable. The monitor measures changes in heart rate and respiration and alarms if there is a change in either. As is the case with the other Apnea Monitors, these are only monitors, and can not affect changes in patient health, and require a trained clinician to act in the event of an audible alarm.

The Aequitrons can run on AC power or on the internal rechargeable battery. The battery will last for 72 hours and requires 15-16 hours for a full recharge. To the features of the 9500, the 9550 adds an oxygen desaturation setting.

Like the Healthdynes, the Aequitron models have a "sibling alarm" that requires pushing and holding the reset button and then the On/Off Button before alarms can be reset.

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