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The Baxter APII PCA Pump is a small, lightweight, linear peristaltic pump operated by battery or AC power. A key is required to open the fluid bag cover and to enter or change a prescription preventing unauthorized access or changes to the medication or prescription. Infusion options offered by the APII are continuous infusion and/or Patient Controlled Analgesic (PCA) infusion. The Baxter APII PCA Pump performs extensive self-testing that will continuously monitor the operation of the pump. The rate range for this unit is 1-1000 mg/hr, volume 1-250 ml.


  • Size: 4.9” x 3.4” x 1.8” without Fluid Bag Cover
  • Weight: 16 oz.
  • Flow Rate Accuracy: +/- 10%
    - Basal Rate: 0.1 — 9.9 ml/hr
    - Continuous Rate: 0.1 — 19.9 ml/hr
    - PCA Dose, Bolus, and Priming Rate: 90 ml/hr
  • Occlusion Detection: 22 +/- 10 psi measured immediately distal of the pumping mechanism


  • PCA Dose Volume Selections: 0.0 — 9.9 ml
  • Bolus Volume Selections: 0.0 — 9.9 ml
  • Reservoir Volume Selections: 1 — 1999 ml
  • One-Hour Limit Selections: 0.1 — 60.0 ml/hr
  • Delay Time Selections: 3 — 240 minutes
  • History/Prescription Recall
  • Front Panel Controls: Back-lighted dot matrix, 16 characters per line, 2 line LCD screen. Sealed tactile and audible feedback membrane switches: START; STOP; ENTER; ON/OFF; CLEAR/SILENCE; HISTORY; One Scroll Control; Two Cursor Controls
  • Security Features:
    - Locking Fluid Bag Cover
    - 3-Digit Programmable Security Code
    - Latched Tubing Cover
  • Alarms: bag cover is unlocked; bag volume is low; battery voltage is low; check for AC adapter failure; check tubing placement; code incorrect; configuration has been reset; downstream occlusion; end of bag; 1-hour limit reached; low battery; no battery; PCA connector not inserted; replace the low battery; release key; release PCA button; remove dead battery; system error
  • Battery: 9 Volt Alkaline (NEDA 1604A)
  • Drive Mechanism: DC Motor, Microprocessor Controlled, Precision Linear Peristaltic Pumping Mechanism

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