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Curlin 2000 Plus IV Pump is a multi-therapy ambulatory electronic infusion pump designed and manufactured for alternate-site markets.

The 2000 Plus is an innovative new ambulatory pump that uses straight line PVC sets for low cost medication delivery. Straight line sets eliminate the costs associated with using expensive pumping chambers and cassettes. Menu-driven protocols, HELP screens and easy operation provide shorter inservices and patient training times. " Curvilinear Peristaltic Action" provides a pumping technology that creates safer, more uniform and accurate delivery of medications. Additional benefits include a choice of five therapy modes and three power sources to expand your options.

Designed and manufactured for the alternate-site markets, the 2000 Plus is a multi-therapy ambulatory electronic infusion pump capable of delivering Continuous, PCA (IV, Epidural and Subcutaneous), TPN, Intermittent and Variable modes. The 2000 Plus utilizes low-cost, all PVC administration sets; and has ability, at low rates, to deliver a resolution of flow that is up to 25 times better than the leading ambulatory pumps. These features make the 2000 Plus capable of offering significantly improved patient outcome, at substantially reduced cost to the users.

The Curlin Medical 2000 Plus provides consistent and reliable IV infusions over a wide flow range (0.1 ml to 400 ml per hour) without the need for costly pumping chambers and complex cassettes. The simplicity of its operation, highlighted by menu-driven programs with context sensitive HELP screens, make the Curlin Medical 2000 Plus extremely simple to use. The 2000 Plus has received the "CE" mark for sale in the European Community.

Curlin Medical pumps give you a choice of different non-DEHP set configurations, including needleless injection sites, 0.22 and 1.2 micron filtered sets, yellow-striped epidural sets, sets with 150 ml integral fluid containers, and syringe delivery sets. All Curlin Medical sets incorporate an active, integral-flow-stop.

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