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The Sims Deltec Cadd Plus 5400 pump provides measure drug therapy to patients in hospital or outpatient settings.

The Sims Deltec CADD+ pump delivers in two modes, either continuous or intermittent. Because of its intermittent capability, it is often recommended for the delivery of antibiotics, which requires a delivery period followed by a KVO (Keep Vein Open) rest period, and then repeats the same program a number of times. The CADD + can also be use in the continuous mode, delivering up to 75 mls/hour. There is no screen for the entry of drug concentration on the CADD+.

Recommended Uses: Intermittent Delivery of Antibiotics, Continuous Delivery of Chemotherapy

Delivery Modes: Continuous or Intermittent

Rate Parameters: 0-75 mL/hr

Reservoir Volume: Off, 1-1500 mL

Infusion Volume: 0-150 mL

Infusion Period: 10 minutes - 12 hours

Infusion Cycle: 20 minutes - 12 hour 10 minutes or 24 hours

KVO Rate: 0-10 mL/hr

Delay Start: 10 minutes - 12 hours

Accuracy: ‚± 6 %

Hi-Pressure Alarm: 16-40 PSI

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