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The Horizon NXT is intended for use with B. Braun McGaw Horizon I.V. sets to regulate the flow of primary and secondary fluids when positive pressure is required. The infusion system is capable of delivering fluid from a negative head height (when the I.V. fluid container is lower than the pump), and provides clinically accepted volumetric accuracy for all standard I.V. fluids, including blood, lipids and TPN.

Positive pressure is frequently a necessity but clinical experience shows that high pressure limits can increase the severity of an infiltration without causing an alarm. Because there is a need to control pump pressure settings, the Horizon NXT has user-selectable occlusion pressure limit settings which start at 75 mmHg and extend to 500 mmHg. At rates of 400 ml/hr and higher, the pressure setting is automatically increased to 400 mmHg. For epidural infusions which require higher pressures, the pump has an extended occlusion pressure setting of 750 mmHg.

Because some infusions require multiple flow rates during the delivery cycle, the Horizon NXT is equipped with two automatic multiple delivery rate modes. The Profile Delivery mode incorporates a standard ramped delivery regimen, and the Programmable Delivery mode can be set up to sequentially deliver up to nine user-selected volumes of fluid each at a user-selected rate. Both modes are designed for ease of use and can be adapted to home-care settings.

The Horizon NXT also incorporates a Dose/Rate mode which automatically calculates the rate when dose information is entered, or the dose when rate information is entered.

The pump is equipped with distinct audible and visual alarm signals to indicate KVO, low battery, and actual alarm conditions.

Epidural Administration
The Horizon NXT can be use d for epidural administration of anesthetic and analgesic drugs.

Caution: Whenever the pump is being used for epidural infusions, the pump's secondary infusion features should not be used.

Blood Infusion
The Horizon NXT can be used for infusion of blood and blood products. For blood infusion, a Horizon Pump Blood Set should be used. Do not attempt to piggyback blood. The normal saline roller clamp on the blood tubing set must be clamped off. The high viscosity of blood will cause the saline to infuse before the blood if both clamps are left open.

The Horizon NXT can be used for the periodic infusion of antibiotics, chemotherapy or other IV infusions according to a schedule set by the user. Assure that there is a maintenance IV infusing in the intervals between pump infusions.

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