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The Ohmeda Biox 3760 Pulse Oximeter (OH3760P) is very similar in operation to the Nellcor N-200 and N-180, except that it includes the added feature of an printer which is mounted on the side of the unit. The printer can be configured to print the patient's Oxygen Saturation % (SaO2) and pulse rate readings in one of six different user-selectable formats, including numeric-only and graphic formats. At the end of each reading, the printer will summarize the statistics and includes a histogram of the readings in graphic format.

Note that, like the Nellcor Pulse Oximeters, this unit describes functional oxygen saturation of hemoglobin and not fractional measurements.

The unit's front panel includes an alarm limit key which allows the clinician to set the low SaO2 threshold (default is 90%); an alarm silence key which silences all alarms for 60 seconds; a liquid crystal display (LCD) which displays SaO2, pulse rate, status messages, and alarm messages; and the probe plug connector, where the finger probe is attached to the unit. The rear panel includes the charger connector port, where the AC adapter is plugged in.

The unit can operate on its internal rechargeable battery for approximately 7 hours without the printer and 3.5 hours with the printer. It can be recharged to 80% capacity in 4 hours and 100% capacity in 4.5 hours.

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