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Rental - Healthdyne / Respironics Quantum BiPAP

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The Respironics Quantum Pressure Support Ventilator provides either a CPAP, BiPAP spontaneous, or BiPAP spontaneous/timed therapy. Like the Respironics S/T unit, the Quantum is used to assist in maintaining open airways and to provide breathing assistance, and senses breathing effort and delivers inspiratory or expiratory pressure levels prescribed by the physician or respiratory therapist. Front panel indicators include a pressure bargraph display in cm of H20, power on light, yellow patient alert indicator, and red system alarm indicator.Controls can be set for EPAP, IPAP, Risetime, Rate, and % I time.


  • CPAP/EPAP Pressure Range: 2 — 25 cm H20
  • IPAP Range: 2 — 30 cm H20
  • Pressure Control resolution: 1 cm H20
  • Pressure accuracy: ‚±0.7 measured at 150 LPM
  • Rate Control Range: 4 — 40 BPM
  • Breath Rate accuracy: 1 BPM
  • Flow trigger, inspiration: 0.25 liters per second
  • Flow trigger, expiration: Peak flow x .75
  • Minimum expiration time: 500 msec
  • Minimum inspiration time: 200 msec
  • Maximum inspiration time 3 seconds
  • Flow limit: 150 LPM

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