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Refurbished - Nellcor Symphony N-3000 Pulse Oximetry Unit

  • Web ID: 480
  • Condition: Retired

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The Symphony N-3000 from Nellcor provides noninvasive, continuous monitoring of the oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SpO2) and pulse rate (measured by an SpO2 sensor). The monitor is intended for use on adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients in all hospital areas, hospital-type facilities, and home environments. It may be used during intra-hospital transport when powered by its internal battery. The N-3000 can operate as a standalone monitor or it can be connected to (stacked with) other Nellcor Symphony instruments, such as the N-3100 blood pressure monitor and N-3200 display/printer. When used with the N-3200 display/printer, the instruments can display and print out plethysmographic waveforms and SpO2 and pulse rate tabular data.


  • Dimensions:
    - Height (when used standalone) 2.68 in
    - Height (excluding docking pedestal) 2.13 in
    - Width 9.41 in.
    - Depth 5.79 in.
    - Weight: 4.0 lb.

  • Factory Alarm Default Settings: Adult/Pediatric Neonate:
    - SpO2 Upper Alarm Limit: 100% 95%
    - SpO2 Lower Alarm Limit: 85% 80%
    - Pulse Rate Upper Alarm Limit: 170 bpm 190 bpm
    - Pulse Rate Lower Alarm Limit: 40 bpm 90 bpm

  • Electrical:
    - Battery Type: Rechargeable, sealed lead-acid internal battery
    - Operating Time: 4 hours minimum from a new, fully charged battery in standalone configuration; age and usage affect battery performance.
    - Recharge Period: 14 hours for full charge; 6 hours for 1 hour operating time
    - Input Voltage: 15 V (DC)
    - Input Voltage/Current: 100-120 VAC, 500 mA (max), 50/60 Hz
    - Output Voltage: 15 V (DC)


  • Measurement Range:
    - SpO2 0-100%
    - Pulse Rate 20-250 bpm

  • Pulse Rate Display Update Frequency:
    - The PULSE RATE display updates in less than 2.5 seconds with a 1-second change in SpO2-derived pulse rate from 30 pulses per minute (ppm) to 200 ppm.
    - Alarm Limit Range - Adult/Pediatric and Neonate
    - SpO2 Upper Alarm Limit: 20-100%
    - SpO2 Lower Alarm Limit: 20-100%
    - Pulse Rate Upper Alarm Limit: 30-250 bpm
    - Pulse Rate Lower Alarm Limit: 30-250 bpm


  • SpO2:
    - Adults 70-100% ‚±2 digits, 0-69% unspecified
    - Neonatal 70-100% ‚±3 digits, 0-69% unspecified
    - Pulse Rate 20-250 bpm ‚±3 bpm

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